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U12 Open – Annette Comisky  SEMI FINALISTS

Most improved- Tiare Paquet

Team Player - Lauren Brownhill


U12 Open - Erin Cuskelly GRAND FINALISTS

Most improved: Zoe Fraser

Player's player:  Kate McDonnell


U12 B – Jodie Connors SEMI FINALISTS

Players Player: Lucinda Horton

Most Consistent: Charlotte Harry


Under 13C Girls – Simon Dickinson PREMIERS 
MVP – Elsa Bond
Most Improved – Emma-Rose Neil

U13 Boys – Ollie Quinn & Harry Richards SEMI FINALISTS

MVP – Dan McHugh

Most Improved – Sam Powell


U14b Girls – Ian Quinn (Assist. Coach Claire Steains)

MVP: Annie McDonald

Coaches Award: Louella Michael


U14c Girls - Simon Dickinson SEMI FINALISTS

MVP – Saskia Tomlins 

Most improved – Sophie Martin 


U14 RC – Shaun Rosa (Assist. Coach Dominic Mackie) SEMI FINALISTS

MVP – Lachlan Steains

Most Improved – Luke Richmond


U15C Girls – Ian Quinn PREMIERS

MVP: Ashleigh Quinn

Coaches Award: Abby Miller


U15 Boys - Alex Cooper SEMI FINALISTS

MVP – Jack Gallagher    

Most Improved - Chris Buchanan


U15 Sharks – Shaun Rosa *

MVP - Harry Bond

Most Improved – Leo Boden


U16 RC Boys – Peter Pavlides GRAND FINALISTS

Coaches Award - Dom Mackie

Team Player- Ollie Quinn


U16 Sharks – Alex Cooper *

MVP - James Hogg      

Team Player – Gregor Stewart


U18 C Girls – ErinCuskelly SEMI FINALISTS

MVP:  Inez Ormrod 

Most improved:  Siena Stacey 


U18 Sharks  – Peter Pavlides *

MVP - Max Fodor

Coaches Award - Brad Dickinson


U18 Boys – Pasha Aluyz SEMI FINALISTS

Players Player – Harry Richards

Most Consistent – Liam Alder


C Grade Women – Jo Swaffield SEMI FINALISTS

Most Valuable - Heather Belshaw

Team Player - Jess Eglington



MVP: Tim Dance

Most Improved: Geordie Aspery


B Grade Women – Jo Swaffield PREMIERS

MVP - Robyn Tierney & Rachel Roberts

Team Player - Catriona Murphy & Tess Horsley


B Grade RC Men – Shaun Rosa GRAND FINALISTS

MVP - Liam Alder

Most Improved - Will Abraham


B Grade Sharks Men * SEMI FINALISTS

Team Player – Goncalo Costa

Most Improved – James Hogg


A Grade Men – Greg Reedman GRAND FINALISTS

MVP - Lyndon Cranley

Encouragement - Stuart McKenzie

* - Denotes development team (younger team playing up as a 2nd team in a comp)

Boys Encouragement Award Dan McHugh


Girls Encouragement Award - Lucinda Horton


AJ Delaney Trophy – Max Fodor

This was a very tight call with a number of Strong candidates.  Harry, Dom, Barclay, Ollie & Jack to name a few.  Max & Jack made national squads for their age group.  Lucas Davies won the encouragement award at the recent schools comp.  Harry, Dom, Ollie & Max are in the young QAS squad of eight and Jack, Gregor & Connor are in the EAP squad.  We are really looking forward to seeing the boys develop next season with the new head coach.


The committee would like to acknowledge the Flippa Ball coaches, Claire, Harry and Ollie, who did a wonderful job at coaching the juniors on the fundamentals of water polo. Thank you coaches.

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